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You can always count on The Grammy Awards to bring an eclectic mix of red carpet fashions. Celebrities don anything from sophisticated designer dresses to elaborate costumes (as witnessed this year by Nicki Minaj’s Versace hooded robe).

With the sad death of Whitney Houston casting a shadow on the award ceremony, Jennifer Hudson did a beautiful and touching tribute, singing “I Will Always Love You”. Massive congratulations must also go to Adele, who not only won all 6 awards she was nominated for, but also dominated her comeback performance.

We obviously couldn’t help but notice all the jewelry that the celebrities were adorned in. What really stood out was the number of gold cuffs, bangles and collars that appeared in the minimalist DD style.  Here are a couple of our favourites.

Fergie accessorizes this popping Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown with a mid-arm golden cuff, domed ring and hoop earrings.

Get the look: DD Armour Cuff, DD Circ Earrings, DD Domed Ring

Kelly Osbourne adds a single bangle to her gold sequin gown. 

Get the Look: DD Large Square Bangle


Alicia Keys took a dramatic approach with her collar necklace.

Get the look: DD Statement Collar


We love Rihanna’s new blonde locks! Here wearing a cuff and wrap around mid-arm bangle with simple layering pendent necklaces.

Get the look: DD Armour Cuff, DD Large Telescope Necklace 

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