How to Measure Your Ring Size

Knowing your ring size means online orders always fit just right. Our rings range from sizes 5 to 9, and we happily offer custom size adjustments for an additional charge.

Here are three ways to measure your ring size so you can start wearing your new jewelry as soon as it arrives.

Use a Ring Sizing App

An easy way to measure your ring size is to use an app like this one. Once you download the app on your smartphone, you can then place an existing ring on the screen to find out your size.

Order a Ring Sizer

Another simple option for finding your ring size is by ordering a free ring sizer from DD, shown below. Simply pay the shipping fee and once it arrives, slide the sizer onto your desired finger and tighten it until it feels secure but comfortable. From there, find your size by reading the number that the arrow is pointing to. 

Ring Sizer

$0.00 CAD

Our reusable ring sizer is the best way to determine your ring size at home before making a ring purchase.


  1. Ensure your hands are of a fairly normal temperature before measuring, as fingers will expand when hot and shrink when cold.
  2. Push the end of the sizer through the buckle to form a ring shape, leaving enough room to slide it onto your finger.
  3. Slide the sizer onto the finger you are measuring, adjusting to a comfortable fit. Make sure you are able to slide it on and off over your knuckle.
  4. Look at the size indicated by the arrow to see your ring size.

*Limit of 1 per order.

Measure An Existing Ring

1. With a ruler, measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits your chosen finger (or a well-fitting ring of the person you’re shopping for).

2. Record the measurement in millimetres

3. Use the chart below or a ring-sizing app to find the corresponding size.

Use a Paper Strip

Unlike string, paper works well for measuring as it doesn’t stretch.

1. Cut a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your desired finger where you’d like the ring to sit.

2. Make a mark where the paper overlaps, then use a ruler to measure the length in millimetres from one end to the marked spot.

3. Measure a few times for accuracy before referring to our circumference chart below.

The Best Time of Day to Measure

Evening is the best time to measure your ring size, as this is when your fingers are the largest from natural swelling that occurs throughout the day. Make sure your hands are warm, since cold fingers can shrink up to half a size. Avoid measuring after having alcohol and salt as well, since these can cause swelling. 

Now you’re all set to find your ring size and order the rings you’ve had your eye on. Discover our wide range of rings - from statement pieces to simple stacking rings.

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